How TEM Can Improve Healthcare Administration

The Covid-19 pandemic has spurred an unprecedented and incredibly fast paced digital transformation across the healthcare industry worldwide.

The Covid-19 pandemic has spurred an unprecedented and incredibly fast paced digital transformation across the healthcare industry worldwide. Mobile devices, smart medical equipment, telehealth, and sophisticated analysis have quickly become essential tools for patient care and health data analysis.

For clinic and hospital staff the main focus is rightly concentrated on patient needs, not on technology costs. But as advances in healthcare are made and technology requirements become more convoluted at an incredibly fast pace, so does the need for better technology expense management (TEM).

New Technology

Prior to the pandemic, the adoption of digital health tools had been growing but overall, the wide scale uptake had been quite slow and met with significant resistance. However, this has all changed.

Due to the contagious nature of the virus, many healthcare practices and hospitals have made a rapid switch to remote consultations. For example, prior to the pandemic, only 10% of UK medical practices offered video consultations to patients; Within six months, that figure had grown to 99%.

Alongside remote consultations, remote monitoring of patients has grown in adoption and acceptance amongst both the healthcare industry and patients during the Covid-19 pandemic. The need to keep hospitals beds free led to a rapid deployment of devices to monitor and support patients at home.

Mobile devices have also been rolled out across hospitals and residential care settings to enable safe and seamless communication between patients and their loved ones over a videoconferencing service.

Across the health sector in general there has been a demonstrable acceleration in the move to cloud-based systems in part because they can facilitate remote and mobile working, where practicable.

Growing Costs

Consequently, healthcare administrators have been reacting in real-time by ordering new lines of connections to the internet, mobile devices and cloud services as the need arises. As this has been an unprecedented situation, it can be incredibly difficult for staff to find time to query billing errors or to seek preferable rates.

Overpayments, billing errors and improperly managed inventory of mobile phones and landlines have understandably become common issues during this time.

This is where a TEM solution can help. TEM solutions, like Veroxos, enable hospitals and healthcare practices to reduce costs by streamlining the organization of telecom and IT expenses. Services, assets and other expenses can be outlined, tracked and monitored through a single solution with ease. Thus, reducing overall administration time and improving efficiency.

Would you like help with any of these issues?

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