Technology Expense Management

Remove the stress of managing reoccurring telecom and technology expenses with the Technology Expense Management solution from Veroxos

Improve productivity and identify savings
with a TEM solution from Veroxos

Technology Expense Management Veroxos

Veroxos offers:

Single Platform

Simplify your processes with a single platform to view and manage your global telecom and technology spend.

Invoice Allocation

Allocate expenses correctly throughout your organisation and improve efficiency for your business.

Real Time Metrics

Mission-critical metrics are easily available to the entire enterprise— in real time— so companies can see current and historical trends.

Seamless integration

Veroxos integrates with any HR, accounts payable, or proprietary system. It tracks and manages fully integrated data from multiple sources.


Leverage data and reporting to forecast your future fixed technology expense spend and track your program progress to support your budget and reduce costs.

Global Visibility

Provide global visibility into your organisation’s technology expense management to understand every cost’s source, type, and location.

Veroxos helps people in roles like yours every day:

Technology Expense Management Veroxos -

Procurement Manager

Veroxos leverages detailed contract data so you have the information you need to better negotiate deals. It removes the burden of putting together bid requirements and sourcing new contracts.

Technology Expense Management Veroxos -

Accounts Payable Manager

Veroxos provides full transparency throughout all processing, management, and billing stages. It also supports global visibility so you can understand every cost’s source, type, and location.

Technology Expense Management Veroxos -

IT Finance Manager

Veroxos can help you to achieve significant cost reductions. Simultaneously, it can help to improve user behaviour and corporate compliance throughout your organisation.

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