Technology Expense Management (TEM)
for Hospitals


Veroxos TEM for Hospitals

Technology expense management (TEM) (formally known as Telecom Expense Management) has become an essential tool for hospital administrations to contain costs and efficiently manage services. The healthcare industry has undergone a rapid transformation as it contends with increasing costs, decreasing revenues, the effects of new regulations, and the continuing widespread adoption of mobile technologies.

TEM solutions, like Veroxos, enables clinics and hospitals to reduce costs by streamlining the organization of telecom and IT expenses. Services, assets and other expenses can be outlined, tracked and monitored through a single solution with ease.

Key Benefits for Hospitals & The Healthcare industry

  • Cost Savings: Locates, manages and corrects inefficiencies on an ongoing basis to enable continuous optimization. Savings in excess of 10% are common, even if the organization already has a TEM solution.
  • Improved Efficiency: Eliminates unnecessary or wasteful services through the automatic tracking of unused/ under-used services and licenses from usage data.
  • Automatic Allocation: Automatic allocation of costs based on actual spend to various departments.
  • Total Visibility: Manage multiple types of communications and cloud services in one single solution – thus reducing silos and providing total visibility.
  • Compliance: Improved compliance and business continuity through efficient management of contract requirements.

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Our Certifications

Microsoft Partner Veroxos Stablelogic

Veroxos is a Microsoft Certified Partner — only awarded after a thorough review of customer references, competency assessments, and technical credentials.

Veroxos is an approved supplier to the public sector via the Crown Commercial Services (CCS) G-Cloud framework, which enables public sector organisations to purchase services from Veroxos with minimal administration.

Veroxos is an Advanced Consulting Partner in the Amazon Web Services Network.

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