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Our partner program is designed to help our partners add TEM solutions and expertise to their portfolio of services or alternatively, to recommend Veroxos services, building immediate revenue for their business.

Partnership Options

1) Our Referral Program​

This opportunity is for consultants that are solely looking for referral income. Pass on interested clients to Veroxos’s sales team & earn recurring commissions on a per-client basis.

2) Strategic TEM Partner​

– White Label: Let us brand Veroxos with your logo and name to make our tool yours. We will create demos, sales sheets & marketing tools with your new, white labeled solution logo and design.

– Outsource: Connect your clients with our full suite of TEM services and push off tasks like invoice auditing to our dedicated team.

*Partnership options can be tailored to meet your organization's unique needs.*

Our clients

Driving technology for leading brands

Partner Program Benefits

  • Build Recurring Revenue: Improve profitability through white-label software options, additional consulting opportunities, revenue markup and/or commission-based sales.
  • Access TEM Solution: Leverage our established TEM solution to increase your efficiency, without building new solutions for each client.
  • Expand Services: Add to your service offering, making you a better and versatile asset for your end user clients.
  • Streamline Processes: Shortens the time to deliver results by connecting you with our expertise and tools.
Veroxos Technology Expense Management Partner Program

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Key Features

1) Experienced Team

Contact our experts for RFP assistance, benchmarked pricing, service suggestions & solution building.​

3) Marketing Resources

Joint marketing campaigns, including educational collateral, white papers, case studies, videos & webinars.

2) Client Care

Easy, immediate access to our resources & information.​

4) Sales Support

Technology demos and supported solution discussions with you and your clients.

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