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Taking ownership over your technology expenses with Veroxos can boost your IT Department’s bottom line and put an end to running costs taking over your budget. 

Veroxos is designed to reduce your department’s workload and help you build a great departmental reputation.

Benefits for IT Departments

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Reduces Costs

Veroxos can help you to achieve significant cost reductions by identifying billing anomalies, unused services and inefficiencies within your organization.


Gain visibility into how your budgets truly compare to your actuals and identify where savings can be made. Costs can be clearly allocated for a new, deeper understanding of your exact telecom and cloud expenses.

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Improved User Behaviour

Veroxos encourages corporate compliance, ideal for enterprise-level managed mobility and BYOD programs. In addition, sllocation and usage information is readily available so that there are no more worries about unallocated charges.

Seamless Integration

Veroxos integrates with any HR, accounts payable, and help desk proprietary systems. 

Single Platform

Simplify your processes with a single platform to view and manage your global telecom and technology spend.

Invoice Allocation

Allocate expenses correctly throughout your organization and improve efficiency for your business.


Leverage data and reporting to forecast your future technology spend and track your program progress.

Veroxos TEM Solution

Key Features

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