Inventory Audit Solution

The Inventory Audit Solution from Veroxos enables total mobile device transparency across your organisation.​

Inventory Audit Solution Veroxos

Take Control Of Your Mobile Device Inventory Today​​

Gathering an understanding of your organisation’s total mobile device inventory can prove to be a difficult and time-consuming task.

The Veroxos Inventory Audit Solution ensures that your organization gets full total visibility enabling you to identify opportunities for significant savings and increased efficiency.

This allows you to ensure that all mobile inventory is being used by current staff. Consequently, enabling your organization to cancel redundant services which can create savings and eliminate data risks.

Our Solution Offers:

Search - Inventory Audit Solution

Total Inventory Visibility

Ensure that your organisation has complete visibility of it’s telecom assets with Veroxos.

Savings - Inventory Audit Solution


Identifies services that are no longer necessary improving savings for your organisation and increasing organisational efficiency.

Data Compliance Veroxos

Data Compliance

Control your data with ease ensuring your organisation meets its data compliance requirements.

Verified Usage Veroxos

Verified Usage

Examines the uses of your inventory to ensure that only current staff are using your devices.

Why Choose the Veroxos Inventory Audit Solution?


Our dedicated team are highly experienced in conducting inventory audits for enterprises across the globe.


Track Record
With major clients such as Boston Scientific & Getinge, our track record of providing a stellar service to clients is well established.


Global Presence

With offices in London, Boston and Sydney, we can easily deliver global projects whilst providing a personal touch.

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