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Veroxos is an Enterprise Technology Expense Management solution that enables organisations to control, unify and comprehend their telecom & technology inventory

Technology Expense Management Veroxos

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Technology Expense Management

Manage your organisation’s telecom and technology inventory in one place.

Technology Expense Management Managed Mobility Services Veroxos

Enterprise Mobility Management

Manages the logistics, procurement, and onboarding for every wireless device in your global enterprise.

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Mobile Audit Solution

Identifies redundant services whilst providing total visibility into your mobile inventory.

Technology Expense Management Veroxos

One Integrated Solution
To Manage All Your
Telecom & IT Assets.

Most telecom & cloud assets now operate under a usage based charging model. Services such as Office 365, Salesforce, Azure, AWS and Google, all charge on a monthly basis.

The complexity, risk of cancelling an operational service, and the length of invoices, means that many organisations simply pay each invoice without validation.

However, this is a risky move. On average, 30% of of vendor bills are inaccurate so most companies are heavily overpaying by operating like this.

The Technology Expense Management solution from Veroxos allows enterprises to manage all of their mobile, cloud and telecommunications services in one place. 

This enables our users to proactively reduce expenses, introduce new efficiencies, increase visibility and provide better control for their services.

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Tired of using spreadsheets to manage billing? Tired of manually allocating costs internally? Think your vendor is invoicing you too much? Want to save money but have no management information?

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