Frequently asked questions

Veroxos integrates with all major vendors and extracts billing data every month. The system checks for invoice errors and automatically challenges the vendor to provide credit notes. Intelligent algorithms analyse the use of technology services. This allows us to make proactive recommendations to further drive down the cost of services.

On average, the service delivers savings within 3 months of being live. In many instances, the onboarding process delivers significant savings. This comes from identifying redundant services which allows the client to make tactical changes to deliver quick wins for the business.

The savings potential varies by client. However, on average, we see at least a 30% reduction in costs from using Veroxos TEM services from StableLogic. Some clients have seen as much as 65% cost savings.

The Veroxos system supports all major vendors for mobility services, fixed services, public cloud services and unified communications services. We are constantly adding new vendors. You can request a vendor to be added as part of a deployment plan.

We use AES-256 encryption across our entire service so that your data is stored securely. The storage of all information is in the appropriate region for data protection purposes. For example, all US data is stored within the United States whilst all European data is stored within the European Union.

The Veroxos system integrates with all major vendor billing systems. It dynamically extracts data for your billing accounts every billing cycle.

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