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Expenses Tracker Veroxos

Employees have considerable control over IT costs. Simple changes such as cancelling services no longer used and following best practice on conference and telephone calls, can yield considerable savings.

Veroxos can inform all of your employees, every month, of their IT costs including telephone lines and call charges, Office 365 licensing costs, conferencing services, and print costs.

The Veroxos Expense Tracker system imports all of the vendor billing information each month. This data import is a largely automated process using vendor API’s, EDI and online portals.

It then compiles a monthly email and online portal for each employee, detailing their individual costs for the month.


IT Finance Manager Savings Veroxos


5% savings on average for included services.

Call Quality Analyzer Veroxos

Identifies Unused Telecom Assets

Identifies unused telephone lines and mobile phones suitable for cancellation.

Expenses Tracker Veroxos Unused Licences

Identifies Unused Licences

Identifies unused expensive Microsoft licenses that are not used (e.g. MS project and MS Visio).

IT Departments Veroxos User Behaviour

Improves User Behaviour

Provides employees with best practice advice on how to reduce costs and offers more cost effective options.

Veroxos Technology Expense Management Solution

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