Enterprise Mobility Management

The Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution from Veroxos manages and supports enterprise mobility throughout the device lifecycle from procurement, to large scale device rollouts, to security management and finally recycling. 


The Veroxos EMM solution will procure, stage and configure mobile assets to your specifications, perform large scale rollouts, and securely recycle devices.

Expense Management

Our EMM solution enables organizations to verify contracted rates against approved inventory and dispute misbilled charges across mobile vendors.


By integrating with Microsoft InTune and Workspace ONE, security is designed into the process from the start. Risks are assessed, compliance monitored and security events actioned.

Usage Optimization

Organizations can verify that corporate users are on the appropriate plans while optimizing voice/data pools and highlighting unused devices.

Key Benefits

Reduced Administration

Veroxos removes the reliance on your staff to manage your mobile devices which frees up time and resources to focus on core business strategies and operations.

Cost Savings​

Veroxos EMM reduces the need for multiple support teams to maintain your mobile estate. Veroxos takes control of mobile expenses, identifying savings, providing alerts and managing cost allocations.


The EMM solution from Veroxos ensures that mobile services are optimized on an ongoing basis. It also installs all apps necessary for employees and ensures that they are regularly updated.


Veroxos also offers numerous security features to ensure that your company data is protected. For example, it can remotely lock down lost or stolen devices, wipe confidential data remotely, restrict data on devices, and turn off SIM cards.


Veroxos enables full visibility and transparency for your company as you can pinpoint the location of your workers, geofence your devices and set up alerts, if the device moves outside designated areas.

Our clients

Driving technology for leading brands

Reliable access to our mobile devices – laptops, mobile phones and tablets – is critical for our ability to work and deliver for customers.

The efficient operation of any modern organization is totally dependent on the availability and security of these devices. The management of device procurement, deployment, support, security, usage analysis and cost reduction are a constant challenge for many organizations.

Our market leading solution addresses all of these challenges and results in enhanced security, improved service to users, and cost reduction.

The Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution from Veroxos automates all these processes. It manages and supports enterprise mobility throughout the device lifecycle from procurement, to large scale device rollouts, to security management and finally recycling. Our software is designed specially to address all of these challenges.

Manage your mobile devices the smart way with Veroxos

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