Cloud Voice Quality Management

Cloud Voice Quality Management from Veroxos evaluates the call quality that your employees and customers will experience, before implementing a new solution.

Once live, it measures voice quality on an ongoing basis – to predict performance and allows you to prevent future quality problems.

Cloud Voice Quality Management


The CVQM solution supports all of the major telephony and contact center products available today From Microsoft Teams to Mitel, Genesys, 8x8, and much more - it can be utilized to compare the voice quality of each of these products prior to implementation.

Quality Measurement

It measures internal & external call quality whilst reporting on their different performance levels. Calls can be measured between your locations, to and from your customers and out to mobile devices – all within one solution.

Real-Time Benchmarking

By using network probes which simulate telephone calls, this solution can obtain real-time quality measurement. Voice quality is measured at different times of the day, in different locations and with different volumes of calls.

Guaranteed Quality

Before you implement a new cloud telephony, you can know exactly how it will perform and which employees will have quality problems. It also provides ongoing quality measurement to ensure you respond to network and call volume changes before they impact the customer experience

Key Benefits


Compare the quality of each of the major cloud
telephony and contact center products, before you
decide which one is best for your organization.


Identify where voice quality problems will occur,
before you install a new solution. Make the
necessary network changes and then retest, to
ensure a successful ‘go live’.


This solution can be used on an ongoing basis to
identify problems before your users and customers
notice. Implement network changes and test again,
to ensure the solution worked.


In environments with voice quality problems, this
solution can be used to troubleshoot the problem.
Identifying the cause of quality problems is almost
impossible without a product specifically designed
for the purpose.

How it works?

1. Network Probes

Network probes are installed at each location to be monitored. These are small, highly secure devices using a cut down version of Linux. The probes self-configure and can be installed by almost anyone. Probes are installed on the user LAN, at the network perimeter and on WiFi.

2. Measurement

Once installed, the network probes run continual voice quality tests. These operate at a low level during the working day, so as not to impact current operations. Large scale capacity tests can also be run outside of working hours. The testing is both peer to peer between the probes and from the probes to the public telephony network – to ensure all options are covered.

3. Reporting

The Cloud Voice Quality Management advanced reporting allows detailed analysis of the collected data. It will identify where quality problems may be experienced, where the problem is occurring and, in many cases, the reason for the problem. Our expert voice and network consultants can also help to analyse complex problems.

Supported Products

The Cloud Voice Quality Management Solution integrates with the following products:

Ensuring high quality telephone services in a cloud telephony and contact center environment

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