Call Quality Analyzer

The Call Quality Analyzer from Veroxos is the Essential Tool for Microsoft Teams Voice Quality

Detect Network and
Call Quality Issues Before
They Impact Your Calls

Call Quality Analyzer Veroxos

Microsoft Teams is the fastest adopted application in Microsoft’s history. However, many of the benefits of Microsoft Teams are only realized when telephone calls and video are included. This can create challenges as it can be common to experience call and video quality problems. 

At Veroxos, we understand the challenges of Microsoft Teams, what can go wrong, and how to fix it.

The Veroxos Call Quality Analyzer is a cloud based application that predicts, identifies and analyzes call quality problems within Microsoft Teams.

Our Services

Call Quality Analyzer Veroxos

Call Monitoring

Identifies call quality issues before users complain.

Problem Identification Veroxos

Problem Identification

Effectively identifies the location and reason for call quality problems. Additionally, it can identify network segments, switches and WiFi networks with call quality problems.

Network Simulation Veroxos

Network Simulation

Simulates call loads on the network to identify when problems will occur. Thus, ensuring that your organization will be prepared for high user demand and can still deliver high quality in the future.

User Support Veroxos

User Support

Provides the critical information you need to educate users e.g. those on poor quality headsets, speakers or microphones.​

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