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Effectively accounting for and recharging telecommunications and IT services can be complex and time consuming. 

As a result, many organizations simply spread these costs in a simple manner, for example by head count, which can defeat the objective. Other organizations utilize large amounts of administration resource to recharge costs. Even more concerning, many organizations simply pay an invoice if the cost is similar to last month – they don’t even check it is accurate.

The Veroxos system takes the pain out of accurately validating, paying and recharging IT services.

Benefits for Accounts Payable

Invoice Validation Veroxos Accounts Payable

Invoice Validation

Veroxos provides full invoice validation – checking every cost against the vendor contract.

Automatic Validation Accounts Payable Veroxos

Automatic Allocation

Veroxos accurately splits costs into the correct fiscal month/ year whilst placing them into the correct cost center and GL codes.

Accounts Payavle Veroxos

Automated File Generation

Automated file generation for input into your preferred accounts system, e.g. SAP.

Efficiency Accounts Payable Veroxos

Improved Efficiency

Significantly reduced administration time.

Seamless Integration

Veroxos integrates with any HR, accounts payable, and help desk proprietary systems. 

Single Platform

Simplify your processes with a single platform to view and manage your global telecom and technology spend.

Invoice Allocation

Allocate expenses correctly throughout your organization and improve efficiency for your business.


Leverage data and reporting to forecast your future technology spend and track your program progress.

Veroxos TEM Solution

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