Google Trends Shows Growing Remote Working Security Concerns

UK businesses are showing massive interest in the cyber security challenges presented by the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, according to data sourced from Google Trends (via ComputerWeekly). Business are seeking ways to secure the millions of employees who are now working from home during the nationwide lockdown, which is entering it’s third week.

The data gives clear insight into the extent to which many organisations have been caught off guard by the crisis. Searches for “business continuity plan” ballooned in volume starting on March 8th 2020, significantly higher than at any other time in Google’s history.

The lack of a business continuity plan and the massive increase in cyber-attacks targeting remote workers has led many business to scramble to try to secure their remote workforce.

Procuring a managed mobility solution, such as Veroxos, can help businesses limit the risks of a mobile workforce, such as commercial losses, regulatory breaches or threats to individuals, whilst enabling productivity and staff satisfaction.

Veroxos can help organisations to assess security weaknesses, develop appropriate policies and apply proven solutions to proactively safeguard your corporate data, including employee-owned (BYOD) devices.

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