Top 4 Benefits of Mobile Device Management

Mobile devices are essential for keeping employees connected with customers and colleagues, but they can create numerous challenges for large organizations.

The management of device procurement, deployment, usage analysis, support, data protection, and cost reduction can create constant issues for even the most efficient organization. A Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution, such as the one offered by Veroxos, can remove these challenges by automating the process.

Below are some of the key ways that a mobile device solution can improve your business:

  • Increased Productivity: Having a strong MDM solution in place creates confidence in the security and suitability of your enterprise mobility, meaning you can allow more employees to work remotely.
  • Savings: More employees working remotely in your organization reduces overhead costs thereby improving your bottom line. Plus, encouraging those employees to use their own devices can save a tremendous amount of money since you won’t have to provide devices.
  • Reduced Administration: Most IT departments are drowning in service requests and project ideas. An MDM solution helps reduce IT administration by automating this process. Thus, taking care of the repetitive tasks. Consequently, this gives IT staff more time to work on challenging projects that improve productivity.
  • Compliance: An MDM solution is the ideal offering to eliminate IT risk. For example, you can enforce your cybersecurity requirements systematically instead of relying upon users to manage updates manually. Further, you can track mobile device usage with employee status. This can be highly valuable as it enables businesses to track down devices from former employees. 

Would you like to learn more about our Veroxos MDM solution?

Veroxos is well-established leader within the mobile device management (MDM) marketplace. Our solution manages and supports enterprise mobility programs throughout their entire lifecycle from procurement and catalogue management to large scale device rollouts. 

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