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AWS Billing Errors Hits Customers​​

Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers have recently been hit by a number of billing errors. As a result, costs for some customers have increased significantly.

The problem appears to be a technical error which AWS have since resolved. However, as many of the news outlets who have covered the issue have reported, this has raised serious concerns amongst customers.

Due to the size and complexity of cloud services and their billing structures, it is not surprising that things go wrong occasionally. Indeed, billing errors are an inevitable result of such complex services. Anyone familiar with telecommunications and network billing or similarly complex services, will be familiar with such issues.

Of course, it is not such technical faults that result in billing errors. Other common errors include:

  • Cancelled services still being charged.
  • Inaccurate cancellation costs.
  • Contracted discounts not being applied to all services.
  • Being charged for other customers services.


These problems are made worse by the length and complexity of the bills. Take a look at a AWS bill and it is almost impossible to understand, let alone know whether it is correct.

How Can Veroxos Eliminate These Challenges?

Veroxos is a Technology Expense Management (TEM) platform which supports clients with all of these challenges. One of the core aspects of the service is validating the accuracy of invoices. Veroxos data shows that, on average 30% of invoices are inaccurate.

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